Our Coupons

Will be a label printed both front and back.

The front is usually a white paper stock or BOPP material with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. The back is formed by laminating the front to a coupon base material. The front indicates the savings by purchasing the product NOW. Back would include a bar code and state the conditions such as expiration date…

IRC’s folded IRC folded Extended text

This is essentially a Standard IRC except folded to accommodate larger sizes. Especially common in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries where package size is extremely limited.

When more info or pages are needed,

pages can be added through a process known as ‘onserting.’ Our onserter is installed on a 16” press capable of nine colors. If desired, some pages can remain on the package. Common in chemical and agri industries.

We can take your files and make whatever color corrections might be necessary for 4-color process printed labels.

We make every effort to install the latest technologies that relate to flexographic printing and this includes art and plate departments. We are Computer to plate and this encompasses the latest in High Definition plate technologies. At one time flexography was regarded as a “step-child” of the graphic arts and was capable of only printing on corrugated grocery sacks and this was accomplished with very inaccurate rubber plates. We can now compete with the best of offset printing and proudly display labels of a quality that was previously impossible.