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    Sales and Customer Service

    Quality Labeling Since 1931

    In our several decades in this business, we have helped countless individuals and entities to label their products better. Our superior printing methods allow us to meet your needs, no matter what quantity or quality you ask for. You can expect the very best quality of label printing from our team and facilities. Contact Daniel Label Printing Inc. to learn about our offers and rates for your label, coupon and tag designs.
    Address: 3125 E Washington North Little Rock, AR 72114-6329
    We have an obsessive commitment to our customers. It’s closely akin to some kind of good marriage. This is primarily a family-run corporation. And if it requires us to bring somebody to work on a weekend or at night, or a special trip to make a delivery after hours, then that is what we will do.

    Here is a list of your contacts in Customer Service, with e-mail addresses:

    Irv Daniel: Owner and Proprietor. He handles customer complaints when your problem isn’t resolved fast enough to your satisfaction. Call Irv. He says, “We might make a mess sometimes, but we are here to straighten it out.”
    Marc Daniel: Plant Manager. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of what we do.
    Kay Wigington: A member of the family. Specializing in food product labeling. Handles new inquiries and selected accounts.
    Julie Campbell: Customer Service representative for selected accounts. Also family and always available for new inquiries. IF she doesn’t know the answer, she knows where to go get one.
    Kevin Daniel: Is Production Manager and handles all aspects of shop floor. He’s usually sort of irritable from our demands so don’t mess with him unless you’ve got a production problem. He’ll know how your job is progressing and when it will be delivered or shipped.
    Tracy McClain: Marc’s assistant. If you need him you’d do well to start with her. She also handles phone inquiries.
    Paul Honeck: Our Yankee that moved here after discharge form submarine service in the Navy. He’s mostly here because he hates cold weather. You can direct new inquiries to him . He is also our network guru.
    Sharon Keown: Handles payables, receivables, and payroll. Please direct billing inquiries to her.