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    Get Flexographic Label Printing in North Little Rock, Arkansas

    FLEXOGRAPHY (abbreviated Flexo) is a form of printing process which utilizes a flexible plate. The printing surface is accurately raised, which makes it a modern bastard of Letterpress. These plates are mounted around cylinders and this is what actually transfers the ink to the papers or films. A plate is required for each color and we have presses up to 10 colors and the plates must be accurately mounted and synchronized. Most of the label printing done at DLP is done by this process.

    We use Flexography to produce:

    flexo press
    flexographic printing

    Prime Labels. These are labels found on grocery products, beverage containers, shampoos, paint cans, industrial goods, etc. are generally based on Pantone colors, rather than screens or screen patterns used to print 4-color process

    4-color process labels. The basis of this printing is blending the colors of yellow, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and black. Each of those colors would require its own printing plate consisting primarily of screens and screen patterns in perfect register to produce images. Daniel Label uses High Definition plates to accomplish these beautiful, stunning, labels.

    Extended Text Labels. Each label will have a base with information, a face sheet that carries info on the adhesive side as well as the face. This system permits lots of info on a small label.  It requires a press very specially equipped with a module we refer affectionately to as “the Gizmo”. You will probably have a pill bottle in your medicine cabinet with this extended info. This permits printing of Multiple languages, Regulatory requirements, Health and Safety Warning, and Pharmaceutical directions.

    UV Curable Inks. Inks cured with ultra violet light can create and absolutely opaque white ink when printed on a super clear film. This provides a base for up to 9 additional colors to create a “No Label Look” on your products.

    Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC).  Daniel Label produces 3 types:

    1. Standard IRC. Printed front and back with a promotion on the front.  Self-adhesive backs includes terms, bar code, expiration date, etc.  Once removed from the package the adhesive no longer sticks allowing easy handling of the coupon.
    2. Folded IRC. This is essentially a standard IRC except it is folded to accommodate a larger size and more information. Especially common in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries where package size is extremely limited.
    3. Booklets. When more information or pages are needed, pages or booklets can be added through a process called “Onserting” Performed on a specially equipped 9-color press. If desired some pages can remain on the package. Commonly used in Chemical and AGRI industries.