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    Label Advice for Your Cottage Food Kitchen

    Food Label
    If you own a cottage food operation, then having labels printed for your goods will be one of the many tasks you have ahead of you. As a cottage food kitchen owner, you must label your items with certain information.
    But regardless of the information on the labels, each one should advertise the item well, increasing the chances of the items selling and increase future sales. Here are some things to consider when coming up with your label designs.

    Requirements for Cottage Food Kitchen Description Labeling

    Depending on the state you run your cottage food operation in, you will need to state certain information.
    Make sure the name of the cottage food operation is highly visible on the packaging.  One thing most states require is for the labels to state the item was made in a cottage food operation (CFO). Customers need to be able to find this information easily on the label, so many states require it to be printed in a 12-point font or a 10-point font in other states, such as Arkansas.

    Requirements for Food Content Labeling

    Have the name of the food product displayed clearly on the label. If the foods contain popular allergens, you should note these on the label as well. Some examples of food allergens that should be labeled include peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, and soybeans. The quantity and servings of the product must be printed according to count or net weight.
    When printing nutritional value on the label, make sure the nutritional value provided is for a single serving, and list the number of servings on the label. You are generally not required to provide nutritional value on CFO food items, but follow the information above should you decide to include the nutritional value on your items.
    In some states, like Arkansas, you cannot list the nutritional value on food items prepared in a cottage food operation.
    List all of the ingredients and sub-ingredients on the label. When listing the ingredients, state the main ingredients first, then work down to the ingredients used in smaller portions.

    Designs of Cottage Food Operation Labels

    You can have all information printed on one label or have a front and a back label. In most cases, food items will look more tempting if the front label is designed to really promote that item, while the back label displays the required information like the ingredient list.
    When you have two labels, you can use the front main label to boldly print your CFO name and the product name. Design the label to make the food look more appealing by using nice looking fonts and good colors.

    Advertising Considerations on Cottage Food Operation Labels

    Design a distinct look and logo for your CFO. Use this same design of name and logo on all your product labels. Consistent design will help people recognize your food items by sight and improve your brand recognition.
    With the rest of the space on that front label, you can include a picture of the item broken in half. This allows someone to get a good look at the inside of the food, which may influence the customer to buy the item.
    Red, yellow, and orange are three of the best colors you can choose for your packages label. These colors help promote hunger and can give people a craving for the product you are selling.
    For example, you may want your company name to be in red and your logo to contain a good amount of orange. Then, the background of your label can be yellow, and the font can be in brown, another appealing color for food products.
    When you are ready to have your labels printed, contact us and we will print the labels for you. We can also offer you great advice on how to design the labels to capture the most interest and sales.