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    Finish Strong: 7 Reasons to Choose a UV Varnish

    UV coating printer

    When you design a print project, even small decisions can have a significant impact on the final product. Elements like paper choice, shape, and colors used may completely alter the appearance of your project when it's hot off the presses.

    When you work on a print project for your business, especially a project that must speak to your customers in multiple environments, your printing decisions become even more critical. One of the most demanding commercial print projects is that of product labels and tags.

    Once you know the basics of your label or tag, your final decision is what, if any, finish you would like applied. UV varnish is one of the most popular print finishes. In this blog, we discuss seven reasons you might opt for this finishing touch to your project.

    What Is a UV Varnish?

    A UV varnish, sometimes called ultraviolet coating, is a high-gloss paper finish similar to the finish found on traditionally printed photographs. To create this effect, printing experts use a liquid varnish that is spot applied or placed evenly over the paper and then allowed to cure under a printing press ultraviolet light.

    Why Should You Choose a UV Varnish?

    UV varnish is one of the most popular paper finishes available for commercial printing. The widespread use of this finish is due to its cost-effective yet high-impact nature. You may want to choose a UV varnish for your label or tag for any of the following seven reasons.

    1. Affordability

    UV varnish is one of the most affordable printing finishes available. In fact, at many printing suppliers, this type of varnish is the cheapest option aside from opting out of a product finish.

    2. Detail Emphasis

    The glossy nature of UV varnishes provides extra emphasis for the details of your product label or tag. This emphasis can be particularly useful in making small, delicate, or intricate design elements stand out to consumers.

    3. High-End Appearance

    While UV varnishes are highly affordable, this finishing method also provides a high-end result. The varnish creates a smooth, shiny surface that looks expensive without actually being expensive to produce.

    4. Low Environmental Impact

    More customers than ever have become aware of how environmentally friendly the businesses they buy from are. UV varnishes give you a great product while also giving you and your customers peace of mind due to their recyclability, low-energy production, and non-carcinogenic and non-VOC makeup.

    5. Product Protection

    The ultraviolet drying process that creates a UV varnish also provides your product label or tag with a measure of protection against scratches, smudges, and other types of damage common to paper products. This protection can be particularly useful when shipping your products rather than selling them onsite.

    6. Rapid Production

    The UV varnish drying process is almost instantaneous, which allows highly finished product labels and tags to be printed in a short amount of time.

    7. Versatility

    While traditional UV varnish is very high gloss, innovators have recently made the varnish more versatile. Some print providers offer satin and matte UV varnishes. Additionally, UV varnish can be applied to a portion of a label or tag to make an even bolder statement through two-texture printing.

    As you make the final arrangements for your label or tag printing project, carefully consider this guide to decide if you will choose a UV varnish for your product. If you feel unsure about your finish options, consult with your print expert to ensure that you make an informed decision that best fits your project.

    For high-quality printed labels and tags with either UV varnish or laminated finishes, trust the experts at Daniel Label Printing Inc.