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    Create the Right Tamper-Proof Label

    Label printing
    Tamper-proof labels can offer security and peace of mind to those who need to protect items. These items can range from knick-knacks in a gift shop, with tamper-proof price tags, to medicine containers that need to remain closed until the intended user opens the containers.

    You have almost certainly encountered tamper-proof labels yourself. Think about price tags that you've tried to remove that have cuts along each side, forcing the tag to shred into pieces as you pulled on each section. These cuts are a major feature of many tamper-proof labels, but there are other tactics you can use too.

    As you consider what features you want on the labels for your products, keep three things in mind. You need to make it obvious that someone has tampered with the label, you need to ensure that legitimate buyers don't get so annoyed with the labels that they stop buying your products, and you have to ensure disabled users or users with low manual dexterity can still access the product.

    Increase the Ease of Removal

    If you're going to use labels or tags that have cuts on the sides, you have to balance the number of bits the label breaks into with the ease of removing those bits. Otherwise, you risk making your customers very frustrated, and you could end up making the product inaccessible to someone with poor dexterity.

    For example, say you have a price tag that breaks into many tiny bits. All of those bits tend to stick onto the product surface or your fingernails as you try to lift them off. This feature will make the product hard to access and difficult to clean off the surface. You could become known for those awful price tags instead of good products.

    If you choose a price tag that disintegrates into tiny confetti, ensure the pieces come off cleanly and don't get stuck under the customer's fingernails.

    Conversely, if you have a label that comes off in a few larger chunks, then you may want to choose an adhesive that's a little more firm. Don't damage the item, but make any potential thieves trying to switch price tags regret taking the time to attempt the crime.

    You can also choose to use tags made of material that will make a really loud ripping sound when each piece tears away, which will also discourage thieves.

    Make the Residue Simple to Remove

    Most adhesive labels leave at least a bit of residue behind, which can be good because you don't want the label to be so easy to remove or open that no evidence is left behind. However, you don't want the actual user to have to deal with a sticky patch on the product that attracts dirt.

    Make the residue from the adhesive easier to remove with the help of a second substance that a thief is not likely to use in a store. For example, many adhesives used on glass and plastic loosen when soaked in warm water. Other adhesives come off when scrubbed with alcohol wipes that you can buy at drugstores.

    Chances are, you are not going to have a thief in the store pouring water from a bottle all over the products, so attempts to remove the labels or switch them in store will leave clues. But the actual buyer of one of these products can remove the residue easily.

    You can get help planning the perfect tamper-proof label or tag. Contact Daniel Label Printing Inc. to see what styles of tamper-proof items are available. If necessary, you may want a custom-cut label for your purposes.