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    Benefits of Using Pressure Sensitive Labels on Dessert Products

    A Slice of Kind a Cake Dessert
    Selling a commercial dessert product includes a lot more than just a good recipe. Even if the dessert is perfected, branding can go a long way in reaching customers, grabbing their attention, and building a product that is recognizable on store shelves.
    As you plan out your product packaging, consider the advantages of using pressure sensitive labels. When applied to dessert products, there are multiple options to consider and ways to help a dessert stand out.
    Browse through these advantages and see how your dessert can become a staple in the grocery aisle and a must-have option for people's pantries at home.

    Clear Labeling

    As you browse through a grocery store, many foods are in boxes or packages. When you enter a dessert section, everything changes and packages are clearer than the rest of the store. Visualizing desserts is a huge factor in choosing a dessert, and your product will be fully visible with the use of pressure sensitive labels.
    The labels have an ability to feature a clear film that protects a product while still offering a glimpse inside. A smaller dedicated area can focus on the product name and printed material while the rest of the packaging showcases the main highlight of the dessert itself.

    Die-Cutting Options

    Branding can go a long way in showcasing your dessert and building up customer expectations. A bright and vibrant dessert wouldn't look so great with a plain label and grayscale graphics. One way to help your label shine as much as the dessert is with die-cutting options.
    Labels can be cut to form to fit the style of your branding. For example, if your commercial dessert product is a cream puff, a die-cut label can be shaped with rounded edges to represent the puff qualities of the dessert.
    A die-cut label may also feature the shape of the dessert you're selling. For example, a label may be formed into the shape of a cupcake or cookie. The die-cutting can help packaging stand out and appear different than other desserts for sale.

    Branding & Personalization

    Pressure sensitive labels really have no limitations when considering branding and personalization. There are limitless color options and multiple ways to help promote your product.
    Have a special recipe to make with the dessert? Add a QR code onto the packaging so customers can go directly to the link. Have other desserts in your product line? A label on the back of the product can showcase fully colored images of your whole dessert line. Use the area to link to social media options and different ways to access various dessert types.
    Follow specific color schemes and fonts to match your branding and ensure the label fits your needs when it comes to packaging.

    Label Enhancements

    Along with standard pressure sensitive labels, your product has the ability to feature multiple types of label enhancements. For example, if your labels feature an image of a cookie, then textured inks can make the cookie image have texture customers feel when actually picking up the packaging.
    Feature extra shine with foil printing directly on the label. Foil printing can be used for images, fonts, or logos. If your dessert features multiple quantities, then pressure sensitive labels may feature the ability to have reseal options. This allows customers to pick out a dessert and seal up the rest to ensure they are fresh.
    Adding one or more of these label enhancements can ensure the customer experience is exactly how you intended. The goal is to create a product how you envisioned the dessert appearing on store shelves.
    Contact us at Daniel Label to help plan your printing project and ensure your dessert label is perfected.