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    7 Tips for Packaging Your Homemade Beauty Products

    Beauty Products
    You should take care to package and label your homemade beauty goods for two important reasons: first, to make your items look as professional and distinctive as possible, and second, to adhere to federal cosmetic requirements. If you are not planning to sell your products, proper packaging can still contribute to a longer shelf-life and broader appeal.
    Here are seven suggestions for packaging your homemade beauty products.

    1. Identify the Ingredients

    All cosmetics for sale are legally required to have labels that list all of the ingredients. The Food and Drug Administration asks that products list the ingredients with the higher percentage of contents first. If there are ingredients comprising less than 1% of the product, you can list them at the end in no particular order.

    2. Label Your Products

    In addition to listing ingredients on the label, there are some other labeling requirements when selling soap. Your products must identify what is inside the packaging, such as soap or lotion. Also, you need to include your name or company name, contact info, and the net weight of the item.
    You also cannot make claims, like that the soap is exfoliating or moisturizing, if this assertion has not been verified by the FDA first. Make it easy on yourself and keep the label simple.

    3. Take Time for Pretty Packaging

    In a competitive market for homemade beauty products, packaging is key. Sleek and professional packaging can stand out among rival brands. This also can make a simple item, like a bar of soap, instantly transform into a pretty gift. Look for labels like hanging tags and cigar bands to bring rustic charm to handcrafted items.

    4. Protect With Shrink Wrap

    Make sure that your items stay fresh and pristine by protecting them with shrink wrap. Buy plastic shrink wrap bands and use a heat-gun or blow dryer to adhere the plastic to your product. Plastic wrap can be used on soap to prevent sweating as well as on jars or bottles to preserve an airtight seal.

    5. Add Plastic to Caps

    A good tip for your products in jars or bottles, like lotions or liquid soaps, is to place a small piece of plastic under the lid to ensure no leakage occurs during shipping or transit. Even if you shrink wrap the outside of the caps, this extra layer of protection under the lid can prevent leaks that could cause costly refunds later.

    6. Prevent Moisture

    Moisture is an enemy of your handcrafted items and can ruin products before they even leave your business. Invest in and use airtight containers and jars, and use desiccant packets to keep moisture out. These methods works beautifully for bath salts, soaps, and bath teas.

    7. Be Consistent

    Make sure that your labels, boxes, and packaging is consistent to build brand familiarity with your consumer audience and potential customer base. Keep fonts and logos uniform to foster recognition with prospective buyers, which is a big part of building your brand. Don't have a logo yet? You can hire artists and designers online for a nominal fee to create one!
    Consider packaging materials, like labels, plastic, and containers, to be an investment in your products. Don't skimp when you are reselling, and don't forget to consider packaging costs when figuring out your retail and wholesale pricing. Furthermore, proper labeling ensures that users know exactly what is in the product to avoid any potential sensitivity or allergic reaction.
    Ready to package your homemade beauty goods? Order custom products from Daniel Label Printing Inc. to ensure consistency, quality, and buyer appeal. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.