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    4 Ways Pressure Sensitive Labels Could Improve Your Microbrewery

    For microbrewers, finding ways to stand out in an increasingly crowded craft beer market is key to thriving as a small business. Your beer, of course, is the most important part of making your business fun and unique. But, the way it's presented will either help or hurt your sales. A good label can convey your brand, your philosophy, your style and your beer's taste.
    So what's the best label style to get this message across? Increasingly, microbrewers are choosing the pressure sensitive labels over other styles. Here are four great reasons why.

    1. Speed

    Labels can eat up a significant part of your bottling budget, and it may take weeks to get some labels printed and shipped so you can start selling cases. If you change your mind about the artwork or shape of the labels, it can be an expensive change and cause even more delay time.
    On the other hand, using digital printing technology on pressure sensitive labels with the H-P Indigo digital press, offers a much more efficient process that can cut down up to half of that delay. With more immediate access for changes, digital printing is uniquely designed for shorter runs and the more focused needs of small businesses. In addition, you don't need extra steps for application since the adhesive isn't a separate process.

    2. Cost Effectiveness

    In addition to a quicker turnaround time on printing, these types of labels can often be more cost-effective than many other printing methods. The easy setup and printing means that you can order as little as 1,000 sheets at a good price, making them the perfect solution for microbreweries.
    So, whether you're a new brewer, you're testing a new or seasonal product, or you're crafting a signature beer for a specific event, this printing method means you can spend less and order just the right amount of labels.

    3. Durability

    To be effective, your beer labels must stay on the bottle or can. This can be hard when beer bottles are not something that customers handle with care and when the bottles are often placed in cold or wet environments most of the time. One benefit of pressure sensitive labels is that they generally prove hardier because they adhere better than "cut and stack" labels.
    Because of their design as a large-scale sticker, pressure sensitive labels tend to have less dog-earring, peeling and deteriorating both before and during their time in the customers' hands. These labels even do better while submerged in ice chests and coolers, especially when you opt for specially-designed cold-temperature adhesives.

    4. Flexibility

    Your labels need to stand out, so being artistic, fun or even environmentally-conscious on your packaging is a must. Pressure sensitive labels can be personalized to exactly what you're looking for. This includes unique shapes, embossing, different matte options, metallic foil, holographic labels, clear labels and peel-and-stick promotions with removable adhesives.
    With smaller printing runs at a better price point, you can be as creative as you want, and incorporate ideas such as designing seasonal labels and creating fun surprises for customers. You can even mix and match label features, such as printing a matte label with a portion of UV coating to highlight a specific design element with a glossy finish.
    Opting for pressure sensitive labels is clearly a way to better manage costs, time frames and give your microbrewery a marketing advantage. Professional label printers like Daniel Label Printing, Inc., can help you get started on your custom labels. With experience in the printing business since 1931, this quality-focused company will help you turn your label dreams into a reality. Contact their team today.